Wisconsin Football Coaches Association

WFCA Victor/Service Awards Nomination 2022



This form will allow you to register yourself for the WFCA Victors and/or Service Award. The deadline to register is February 12th.

Please note that it is required to upload a photo for use on the plaque with your registration, and an upload is available on the following page.

The WFCA Victors Award recognizes coaches who have reached milestones of 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300 career wins (as a high school varsity head coach only; out-of-state wins as a head coach do count). To be eligible, a coach must be actively coaching and be a member of the WFCA. Beginning at 100 wins, coaches will have their plaque presented at the Awards Session during the WFCA Clinic.

The WFCA Service Award recognizes coaches that reach milestones for years of service as a coach of 25, 30, 35, 40, or 45 years. This includes ALL levels of coaching, including middle school, high school and college (including other states) and includes any combination of head coaching and assistant coaching. Starting at 25 years the awards will be presented at the Awards Session during the WFCA Clinic. The 35 year service award is a watch presented for dedication and service. 40 year service and above, the award will be determined by the WFCA executive board.

For questions on Awards, please contact Awards Chair Tom Noennig at t.g.noennig@gmail.com.

For issues with the registration/nomination, please contact Travis Wilson at travis@wissports.net